American wild horses are in peril due to overcrowding, which has led to starvation and death. We have the opportunity and the obligation to protect them from long and painful suffering by controlling their numbers. Radical animal groups would have you believe that these horses are thriving in the wild and that they should be left untouched. The sad truth is that there are far too many of them, and having no natural predators, their numbers have outpaced the food available to them.

Watch our short film, "Horses in Crisis" to find out more about the plight of these noble animals and to learn about the political war being waged in their name. Let your mind be opened to their true living conditions and what needs to be done to make sure that they are afforded the kind of life that they deserve as our companions in nature.

Part 1

The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for controlling the wild horse population in the United States. Unfortunately, they have failed to do their jobs as overpopulation has reached dangerous levels in certain areas.

The land in these overpopulated areas is barren, and there is no food for cattle, wildlife, or horses that populate it. This mismanagement hurts both the horses and the ranchers whose livelihoods are being taken away by the BLM.

Kevin Borba is one of these ranchers, and this is his story.

UPDATE: Part 2

It has been called a "wild horse apocalypse." The tragedy of wild horse overpopulation on western rangelands is most often expressed numerically, with the on-range total estimated to be at least 14,000 over what the BLM has established as appropriate management levels (AML), with some herd management areas (HMA) documented at 1200% of the AML. Nevertheless, wild horse advocacy groups maintain that herds are being “managed to extinction,” and fight tooth and claw for the horses to run free, regardless of the cost.

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Mike Stremler - Rancher

Mike Stremler - Rancher

"Everything that is alive at some point is going to die, but do we want to starve things to death? I know I don't, I'd rather see things managed properly."

Worth Brown - Rancher

Worth Brown - Rancher

"There comes a point where you can't manage anymore, because there's just too many and that's where we're at now. We're getting way too many mustangs for the balance of the eco-system that's here."

Boyd M. Spratling D.V.M.

Boyd M. Spratling D.V.M. - National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Member

"When mother nature takes a harvest, it's very harsh and people don't want to see that. If that same situation were occurring with a privately owned horse down the road, someone would make a complaint to the county and there would be actual criminal charges brought against that person for starving a horse…"

Matthew Wood - Rancher

Matthew Wood - Rancher

"Animal rights groups…I kind of applaud their efforts, but they have become so arrogant thinking that they're the only ones that care about the animals when the Ranchers really care more about animals than any of those people do…"

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